Proposed Sewer Line for Potomac Oak Center

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The current owner of the Potomac Oak Shopping Center at the corner of Glen and Travilah Roads, along with the owner of the Old White House at the same corner (with the carved Eagle), have joined together to try to bring a sewer line to that corner.

Why now?

  • The shopping center has lost businesses due to the current septic system limitations.
  • There is a demand to have more local businesses that are convenient to people.
  • The Old White House has been remodeled with the idea of becoming a country inn like Old Anglers Inn, Comus Inn, or Blacks Market, but that won’t be possible without sewer line.

What changes would a sewer line bring, and what won’t happen?

  • The shopping center would get a much needed makeover. The center currently is at 24,000 square feet and the sewer line could mean some expansion with new businesses.  Currently, even with septic tanks, they could legally expand to 40,000 square feet of space, but not with businesses for whom more sewage capacity is needed.
  • There will be no zoning changes. They will NOT go beyond the current limit of 40,000 square feet.
  • There will be no density changes.
  • It might attract a small grocery store, coffee shop, and nice restaurant to the area.
  • Running the sewer line to the shopping center and Old White House will be at the owners’ expense. As it will be a commercial pressure sewer line, WSSC will prohibit anyone else from connecting to the line.