Mtg with MD DOT State Highway Assoc. P3 Program Office

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On June 2, 2021, NPCA held a virtual meeting with Maryland DOT State Highway Association P3 Program Office

Speakers:  Jeff Folden, Deputy Director

Caryn Brookman, Environmental Lead

Catherine Smith, Community Liaison

Summary (see slides at: N Potomac Citizens Association Meeting Presentation – 2021-06-02 Final )

The speakers presented an overview of the plans for a public-private partnership (P3)  to widen I-270 and I-495 from Frederick to the American Legion Bridge.  The work will also include completely replacing the American Legion Bridge.

Phase 1:  495/270 from GW Parkway to I-370

Phase 2:  270 from I-370 to Frederick (pre-NEPA – National Environmental Policy Act)

The current approach is “Alternative 9” and was announced in January as the recommended approach.  There will be no action on I-495 east of the I-270 Spur.

  • There will be 2 High Occupancy Toll (HOT) in each direction along these sections (Phase 1 and Phase 2)
  • I-270 (from I-370 and south) will go from 6 lanes (1 HOV lane, 3 general lanes, 2 local lanes) to 7 lanes (2 HOT lanes, 5 general lanes). See screen shot above.  They will be adding 1 toll lane in each direction, taking away the non-toll HOV lane and converting it to a toll lane.
  • They will add a bike path across the American Legion Bridge and replace the Bethesda Trolley trail Bridge
  • Phase 1 has already selected the developer – “Accelerate Maryland Partners”

o   Maryland will provide no funding for Phase 1, they will pay for it all.

o   Tolls would have dynamic pricing – more during peak hours and less during non-peak hours.  There would not be a time when there would be no toll collected (like the current HOV lanes).  A toll will always be in place. The tolls will adjust as frequently as every 5 minutes as needed.  More on dynamic pricing can be found at

  • Busses, motorcycles and cars with 3+ people will ride free.  The developer will determine how to make it so cars with 3+ people ride free (e.g., separate transponder).  Electric vehicles are not proposed to ride free.

o   Access points to the HOT lanes will be limited. Current proposal is for I-370, Gude Drive (new access), Wootton Parkway (new access) and at the spur.  You will NOT have access to the toll lanes south of I-370 unless you get off I-270 first and then go to an access point.

o   Phase 1 timeline –  will enter pre-development work this fall and in Fall 2022, the plans will be delivered to start construction.  Construction is expected to last 5 years for Phase 1.