Update on Johnson Property Development: The Chase at Quincy Orchard

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Nov. 2020:  The 14 acre Johnson Property development is underway.  When completed it will have:

  • 26 single family homes starting at $800k+
  • 80 townhomes starting at $600k
  • a one acre park


Feb. 2019:  The applicant, Cal-Atlantic Homes, requested approval of the final site plan SP-7868-2018. The plan, “The Chase at Quince Orchard”, proposes 106 residential units comprised of 26 single-family detached house and 80 townhomes, and a one acre park on + 14 acres. The subject property is located at 12311 Darnestown Road, and is bordered by Darnestown Road near the intersection with Quince Orchard Road. The property is zoned MXD (Mixed Use Development).

The Johnson properties were annexed into the City of Gaithersburg by resolution R-72-16 on December 19, 2016. The City Council approved Schematic Development Plan SDP-7716-2017 and the associated Road Code Waivers during their January 16, 2018 meeting.

The Final Site Plan was approved by the City Planning Commission at their June 20, 2018 meeting.  It can be found on the City’s project page at the link below:


The 51 page Final Site Plan itself (which is 100.3 MB and takes a long time to download) can be found at: